How To Vinyl Wrap A Car?
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How To Vinyl Wrap A Car?

Some time ago we posted How To Measure And How To Cut Car Wraps and How To Remove the Car Logo and Decorative Strips. If you don’t know how to do it, you can go to our blog homepage to learn about it.

Today we take the front of the car as an example, and you can apply it to the whole body after learning it.

Preparation Tools

  1. Masking tape
  2. Felt Squeegee
  3. heat gun
  4. cutter/utility knife
  5. Tucking Tool Set
  6. screwdriver

If you don't have these tools, welcome to our shop carwraponline. We have a variety of tools that can install car wrap.

Remove Headlights

It is recommended to remove the headlights for easier operation, because the car wrap should be pasted inward to have a better retention effect.

Apply protective tape

Paste a circle of paper tape along the gap on the cover adjacent to the front cover. This is mainly to protect the car paint, because it needs to be operated on the car paint when cutting the car wrap. Sticker tape prevents scratches to car paint.

Tear Off The Protective Film

Car wrap generally has three layers, and the top layer is a layer of transparent plastic that protects the car wrap, which needs to be torn off first.

Roughly Place The Car Wrap

Put the car wrap roughly on the front of the car, and stick it from one side first.

Start From One Side

Let's start with the left side first, using the felt squeegee to scrape out the shape of the edge. 

Felt squeegee can't handle corners. At this time, a heat gun should be used for assistance. The folds need to be pulled apart first, heat this position slightly with a heat gun, and the folds will disappear. At this time, you need to tighten the car wrap, stick it backwards, and then use felt squeegee to make the car wrap fit.

Notice The Heat Gun

Note that the temperature of the heat gun should not be too high, otherwise it will damage the car wrap. Adjust it to about 200 degrees Celsius (about 400 degrees Fahrenheit), and make sure that the wind blowing out is not very hot.

The purpose of the heat gun is to soften the car wrap not melt it.

When sticking car wrap, it is often encountered that the car wrap is deformed, but the heat gun can restore its shape after a little heating.

Handle The Grille

Now we need to cut out the seven holes of this Jeep. We need to use a utility knife to carefully cut a hole in these grilles, and the shape is as follows.

These edges then need to be heated and shaped with a heat gun.

After plasticizing with a heat gun, these excess parts need to be cut out with a utility knife.

Deal With Redundant Edges

When closing the upper edge, in order to receive the upper car wrap into the gap of the cover at the most side, the screws between the cover parts need to be loosened.

Then cut the car wrap on the edge a little bit, leaving about 1cm (about 0.5inch) wide, and then use the tucking tool to take in the excess part.

Remember to screw back the set screw.

Finally, cut the extra film at the bottom, first leave 1cm (about 0.5inch) wide along the edge of the cover, then you can tear off the tape and prepare for edge finishing.

It is still necessary to cooperate with the heat gun, and then use the tucking tool to take the excess part into the gap.

In this way, the color changing film of the front of the car is completed. If you learn it, please give us a like and comment. You can also use this method in the car wrap of each cover.

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