The Five Most Popular Purple Car Wrap In 2023
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Purple is often a color full of mystery, noble and yearning. Since purple was announced as the annual popular color, there are more and more "purple beauties" in the car film color circle. If you have a hard time choosing which one, here are the top 5 most popular purple car wraps for 2023.


The periwinkle car wrap is just like its rarity and uncontrollability. The light purple of Xingdelu inherits the characteristics of purple itself, and it is easier for people to grasp and control.

Product: Gloss Periwinkle Car Wrap

Finish:Gloss Car Wrap

Color: Purple Car Wraps


The appearance of midnight purple wrap makes the car more attractive! When the unique metallic texture and purple of metallic midnight purple are combined with the sports body lines of the car, it shows a unique feeling. It is as crystal clear as a gemstone, and as noble and agile as an agate, like a purple lightning in the dark night. It is sharp and full of impact but flexible and full of mystery, making it unforgettable.

The midnight purple wrap makes the fashionable car look more classy. The purple body matches the powerful performance of the sports car, highlighting the coquettish and luxurious temperament and showing the true nature of charm. During the day, under the sun's rays, this special purple car film can bring a different texture, coupled with some simple modification and matching, it can bring a completely different aura to the whole car. And at night when the neon is shining, under the illumination of the lights, it adds a sense of mystery to it under the night, making it even more distinctive.

Product:Metallic Midnight Purple Wrap Car Wrap

Finish:Metallic Car Wrap

Color: Purple Car Wraps


Candy metallic gray purple vinyl wrap,  Gray and light purple blend together, creamy and silky in the sun, salty or sweet, with the sweet color of candy; as the light changes, a simple yet high-end gray-purple appears. Refreshingly elegant and irresistibly radiant.

Product:Candy Metallic Gray Purple

Finish:Metallic Car Wrap

Color: Purple Car Wraps


Dark purple wrap, the film surface is dominated by a large area of mysterious purple, and then creatively blended with black tones. Different from other colors, when purple appears, it has no emotion, neither sad nor excited, it just uses this color to indicate that something mysterious is about to arrive, so it is Born with a sense of mystery. The black is dignified, elegant and powerful. The body of the car has been changed to super sub-black and phantom purple. The purple in the black is mysterious and noble.

Product: Matte Dark Purple Vinyl Wrap

Finish:Matte Car Wrap

Color: Purple Car Wraps


Lavender car wrap is a super beautiful and gentle purple tone car wrap. Different from the strong and elegant deep purple, light purple like this is more pure and elegant, giving people a gentle, soft, fairy-like feeling. Crystal-like crystal clear film surface texture Make the body look more shiny and refined.

Product: Lavender Car Wrap

Finish:Gloss Car Wrap

Color: Purple Car Wraps

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