How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost?
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What's an affordable way to change the color of a car?

  Many of us like something shiny and new, especially our vehicles. However, the price of a new car today discourages many of us from buying a vehicle only to satisfy that craving for change. The good news is there is a more affordable path to refreshing your ride than replacing or repainting it: vinyl car wraps.

What Are the Different Types of Vinyl Wraps?

  • Matte Wraps: Think of matte as the opposite of gloss. It’s a flat finish that serves to emphasize a vehicle’s shape and contours,for example Matte Black Purple

  • Carbon Fiber Wraps: Real carbon fiber infuses your car’s appearance with a sense of performance while adding less weight than the metal pieces it replaces. Carbon fiber wraps usually have some texture to enhance their carbon fiber appearance,for example Gloss Carbon Fiber

How Much Does a Car Wrap Cost?

  The car wrap cost depends upon many factors. Car wraps are made of sturdy PVC material to bear the harsh elements of the physical and natural environment. If you are opting for a full car wrap by a professional, the cost can range from $2000 to $6000. However, this is a ballpark figure. If you own luxury cars, the cost goes up from $10,000 to $12,000 as well.

  But you can save a lot of money if you choose carwraponline.We are a factory producing vinyl car wrap who have been producing for 10 years. We are confident in quality and price. How much does car wrap cost you to choose us? Different type car require different sizes, so their prices are different, let me tell you.

  If you choose Glossy Metallic Midnight Purple Vinyl Wrap, car wrap cost will be the following table.

Car Type Size Labor Cost Wrap  Cost  
Motorcycle 5ft x 10ft 500$ 158$
Micro Car 5ft x 33ft 2000$ 388$



5ft x 49ft 2000$-3000$ 488$



5ft x 49ft 3000$ 488$
Hatchback 5ft x 49ft 3000$ 488$
Sedan 5ft x 59ft 3000$ 578$



5ft x 69ft 3500$-4500$ 736$



5ft x 59ft 4000$ 578$



5ft x 69ft 4000$ 736$
Wagon 5ft x 59ft 2000$-4000$ 578$



5ft x 59ft 3000$ 578$
MPV 5ft x 69ft 4000$ 736$
Super Car 5ft x 59ft 5000$-10000$ 578$

what tools do you need to wrap?

  Car wrap cost includes the cost of the vinly,labor cost and wrapping tools. Once you have purchased your vinyl, you should have the right tools for its application. These will add to the total cost of the process. The tools will cost somewhere between $50 and $150. The following accouterments are

  • blue square with flannel squeegee
  • all aluminum carving knife with 5 pcs replacement
  • 500ml spray bottle
  • plastic shovel blade
  • various shape scrapers 
  • heat gun
  • Stickers Magnet Holder Fix Tool
  • Vinyl Wrap Gloves

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