Mini Cooper Wrap - Super Gloss Glacier Blue
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Mini Cooper Wrap - Super Gloss Glacier Blue

Speaking of Glacier Blue, I first think of Ice Age. It is the lightest blue color, and it comes from the calmest and coolest sea glacier in nature, so it is called glacier blue. Mini Cooper Wrap with Glacier Blue conjures up an alternate glacial of the future.

Mini Cooper is a classic model in many people's minds, and is sought after by many young and fashionable men and women. Mini has a small but sharp appearance, stylish and retro interior, powerful power and flexible handling under the gorgeous appearance. It can be said that MINI COOPER is a high-end mini car that is not limited by age and status.

The car wrap is generally divided into 4 layers, from bottom to top, the first layer is the protective film, the second layer is the wear-resistant coating and adhesive layer, the third layer is the PVC substrate, and the fourth layer is the color coating. There are also some color changing films with 6 layers, which enhances the protective effect, and the price is relatively higher.

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