How Many Vinyl Wrap Do I Need? - Full Type Reference
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People often wonder how much car wrap their car needs. Today's blog is to explain how much car wrap is needed for all car types.

The Type Of Car

Motocycle 10ft.

Motorcycle design varies greatly to suit a range of different purposes: long-distance travel, commuting, cruising, sport (including racing), and off-road riding.

Generally speaking, there are not many parts that need wrap for motorcycles, so generally 10ft can be solved.

Color Recommendation

Aluko Holographic Chrome Rainbow White Car Wrap

Aluko Holographic Chrome Rainbow White

Car 49-69 ft.

There are many types of cars. Generally speaking, a vehicle with one row of seats only needs 49ft, and a vehicle with two rows of seats needs 59-69ft.

Putting car wrap on a car requires certain skills and patience. Can you do it?

Chevrolet 1987 corvette 49ft.

Ford Teuras 59ft.

JEEP Wagoneer 69ft.

Pickup 59-69 ft.

A pickup truck or pickup is a light-duty truck that has an enclosed cabin, and a back end made up of a cargo bed that is enclosed by three low walls with no roof.

Ford 2000 f-250 59ft.

Ford 2011 crew cab 69ft.

Color Recommendation

Aluko Super Gloss Pine Green Vinyl Wrap Car Wrap Aluko Super Gloss Yacht Blue Car Wrap Aluko Super Gloss Diamond White Vinyl Wrap Car Wrap  Aluko Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red Vinyl Wrap Car Wrap
Super Gloss Pine Green Super Gloss Yacht Blue Super Gloss Diamond White Liquid Metallic Dragon Blood Red

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