BMW M4 Wrap - Super Gloss Crystal White

Apr 08, 2023 152 0
BMW M4 Wrap - Super Gloss Crystal White

BMW M4 Wrap - Super Gloss Crystal White

No matter how colorful the other colors are, there is always a place for white. BMW M4 Wrap with Super Gloss Crystal White has a summer atmosphere, like a refreshing and sporty boy.

The appearance of the vehicle fully demonstrates the track genes, the design language of the front, side and rear is full of power, and the newly designed frameless kidney grille, combined with the interior carbon fiber components, exudes a sporty temperament that cannot be ignored.

Car wrap can change the color and coating of the car body at will without damaging the original car paint. Super product quality and construction technology can realize the overall covering of the vehicle surface, without splicing and seams to perfectly show the streamlined body.

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